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Plan for Philanthropy

Feed the Hungry has assembled a variety of hands-on and digital materials to assist with your learning environment. Take a few minutes to think through what you already do with students, then connect with us to generate unique and individual ideas, projects and fund-raisers to enhance student learning.  We suggest starting small and growing your ideas as students’ imaginations grow.

Resources that enhance your environment and learning goals

We’ve got thousands of pictures, unique videos and stories, connections to schools around the globe and people dedicated to helping you educate kids when it comes to giving and sharing with others.  Working with our in-house graphic designer, we can create unique and school/group specific materials. If your students are already geared toward helping others, let us know how we can provide additional materials you might need.

Ideas for small projects and meaningful activities

We’ve created a number of short lessons and activities to help students understand issues of hunger, poverty and water shortage in other countries.  Incorporate one of these 20-30 minute engaging activities into your existing curriculum, or jump in for 9 weeks of mini-lessons.  Click HERE for more details

Stand Alone Curriculum

 We’ve created some of our own lessons, and partnered with the OtterCares foundation, to provide standard-based, philanthropy curriculum for students in pre-school through 12th grade.  Click HERE for more information

Big Projects and Great Ideas

We’re committed to inspiring students!  If your group or class has an idea, we might be interested!  From making bunkbeds for orphans in Liberia to creating ways to purify water in rural Haiti, to mobile medical clinics for the Philippines, we are open to help make dreams a reality!  Connect with us HERE to start the conversation!

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